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About The School.

Founded in 2022, The Sargsyan Performing Arts School and Music College are dedicated to an interdisciplinary, deep-learning method. Sargsyan uses a combination of cognitive psychology, physiology, and art education to explore a higher level of awareness.

For students to realise their full potential as creators, decision-makers, and freethinkers, we strive to provide them with the best creative art education.


Led by arts educators, our innovative cross -curricular programmes help children connect music, movement, dance and drama as they learn, reach more young people, improve their social skills and outcomes, and increase their creativity and self-expression.  


The School’s programmes are designed for children to understand and access performing art classes easily, through comprehensive curriculum for students considered highly gifted, integrating art and academics to accommodate individual differences.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to give students from all over the world the best creative education imaginable, enabling them to reach their full potential as creators, decision-makers and free thinkers. We believe that the values and characteristics that result from that effort—such as the self-discipline required for greatness, the empathy required for making art, and the openness and curiosity required for creativity—are crucial for success in any endeavour, whether it be musical or not.

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